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Time schedule of our Round Dance weekend courses
in the season 2018-2019

  1st weekend for advanced dancers
(= phase IV):

16.-18. 11. 2018
=> taught dances
1st weekend for beginners
(= phase II-III):

7.-9. 12. 2018
=> taught figures
  2nd weekend for advanced dancers
(= phase IV):

15.-17. 2. 2019
=> info (cz),   registration
2nd weekend for beginners
(= phase II-III):

15.-17. 3. 2019
=> info (cz),    registration

Weekends for beginners (phase II-III)

This series of Round Dance weekend courses is focused on beginners in Round Dancing. It leads them from the very first steps to the phase II-III, so it is suitable even for those who have no possibility to attend any Round Dance club class. The graduates of the courses will be able to dance common phase III rhythms at the RD events.

Advanced weekends (phase IV)

This series is meant for dancers a bit more skilled than those who just passed our beginners course (phase II-III). But nothing ventured, nothing gained ;-) It will concentrate on interesting phase IV(+) dances, figures and technique to handle them.


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